5 year warranty

Industrial Dome offers you a full 5 year warranty on all these products. The dome, the blowers, the lashing straps ... everything is covered for 5 years. For the dome, we offer coverage on all tears in the seams. For blowers, any electrical breakage is covered if the appliance is not damaged. The straps supplied by Industrial Dome are made to withstand loads of over 15,000lbs. So any tears in the straps will be covered by us.


With the purchase of an Industrial Dome, you also get 24/7 emergency service for a period of 5 years at no cost.


This means that if, for example, a forklift operator makes a wrong move and tear the dome membrane, we will send a technician to repair everything at no cost. Only long distance travel costs will be charged.


So whether it's your fault or not ... 24/7 emergency service coverage applies at all times.


We want your experience with our products to be maximum and without hassle for all our customers The advantage of buying from Industrial Dome is to buy in peace