Inflatable Hangar

The inflatable hangar is the best temporary solution for huge shelters.

It was designed for high-rise needs. Since it is possible to remove the front door completely, it is therefore easy to bring in large machinery such as boats, planes and heavy trucks (mining).

It is also possible to deposit and inflate the structure over a building using a crane.


We can design your inflatable hangar to your desired size and shape, either purchasing or even renting.


We are listening to your needs, in order to create the perfect structure for your needs.




Industrial Dome offers you a full 5 year warranty on all these products.

The dome, the blowers, the lashing straps ... everything is covered for 5 years.

More info on warranty

The inflatable hangar can then become an essential tool for the restoration of ancestral buildings, or any construction in difficult conditions, since it will remain sheltered from all weather conditions during the works.

If you have a large construction site and you have to move the hangar from one place to another, only our structures allow you to do it and this in a few hours

The inflatable hangar can be used for:

  • Hangar for boats
  • Hangar for heavy trucks (mining trucks)
  • Hangar for planes
  • Hangar for maintenance and fleet mechanics
  • Restoration of large rooms
  • Restoration of buildings
  • Storage of agricultural machinery
  • Storage of sand, moraine and abrasives
  • Storage of refractory bricks
  • Construction of house.

Industrial Dome guarantees you to save a minimum of 50% on any other shelter.

  • Membrane PVC Tarpaulin Vinyl
  • 0.55mm Respecte CAN/ULC S 109 - NFPA 701 –
  • EN71-2 résistance au feu
  • Structure Double-parois air-soufflé 0,036 lbs/po2
  • Min, 2 ventilateurs 30 pi.cube/min

Respecte les exigences du CNB 2010- CSA S367-12 structure gonflable