Permanent Dome

The pre-embedding method and pre-embedded requirements of civil foundation and embedded parts:

  1. It adopts pre-embedded bolls and angle sleel laminating method, which is convenient for pre-embedded construction, controllable in quality, and has good stability and safety performance in the later stage.
  2. The top surface of the concrete (where the membrane is installed and pressed) should be flat, without cracks, holes, honeycombs, pockmarks and exposed ribs, etc., and the flatness should not be greater than 2mm
  3. The malerial, model, vertical and horizontal centerline and elevation of the pre-embedded anchor bolts and iron parts meet the requirements of the drawings. The center deviation of embedded bolts should not be greater than 5mm, and the elevation deviation should not be greater than 10mm.
  4. During the construction of civil foundation and embedded parts, our company can provide guidance and installation work during the construction process, and review the quality of embedded parts on site to ensure the quality of embedded parts installation.

Air pressurization system

  1. Modular integrated unit with air filtration function.
  2. The fan adopts frequency conversion control. Collect fresh air, tune Pressure, temperature control and other functional units.
  3. Equipped with fresh air system, rain cover, and bird-proof net.

Air Conditioning System

The air conditioner and the fresh air pressurization system adopt a modular integrated design, and three sets of air conditioner systems are respectively set up and controlled separately to achieve energy-saving effects.

Intelligent Control System

The intelligent control system is the core, the brain, of the air film facility, controlling the operation of all equipment in the air film.

  1. Comprehensive monitoring of the air film, including air pressure inside and outside the air film building, wind pressure, etc., automatically setting the air pressure value, and intelligently controlling the frequency conversion operation of the equipment to maintain the stability of the air pressure and ensure the safety of the structure.
  2. Equipped with fault alarm and equipment automatic switching function to ensure the safety of the gas film structure.
  3. The control system can realize remote control through the wireless module, and the operation and maintenance are very simple and convenient.

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